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  • Reply July 29, 2017

    Lew McKenzie

    Can you send me a free copy of New African Women magazine to me and here my home address to Lew McKenzie 330 Elm Street Westfield Ma 01085 U.S.A.Thank you?

  • Reply April 28, 2017

    Bulelwa Basse

    I’m impressed by the content produced by New African Woman Magazine, and have the interest to become a contributor/feature Writer: Please advise.

    Please find more details on my work on my website, listed below.

    I’m also contactable on: +27 63 1652 088 and via my email address, also listed below.

    Bulelwa Basse

  • Reply April 17, 2017


    African women are more than glossy magazine. Where are ”The getting Real Women”. Women who are doing work on ground level.

    Burying heads in the sand or disappearing in space wouldn’t create change / make impacts socially and economically.

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    • Reply June 18, 2017

      Ifeoma Favour Simon

      My name is Ifeoma Favour Simon. Am from Nigeria but presently in Ukraine as a student. Am a young girl who has all it takes to be the best I can be in all aspect of life. No one thought me to be my own rescue not minding my gender as AFRICANS do think and say, that woman has a limit to some certain stage in life. I never for one day have that low mentality in me as I grow up. All I do was to believe deep in myself, walk at the right path to let out the WOMAN IN ME speak out to influence many other young ladies who are still under the dark side of life and has not descover the reason why they live and made a woman not just with physical attractive body parts, but got the highest influencial power given to them from God during creation.”What I know today was as a result of telling myself the truth and readiness of inner self to step out of my comfort ZONE when I realized that “Conviction and Convenience don’t Live on the Same Block.”they don’t have the same zip code. Every great thing I want to achieve in life, no matter how small it is at the very start, I should be in that state of inconvenient to get them. “I descovered the secret to life is #WISDOM. It can fix you high at a blink of an eyes. So to see the new VARSION of me mentally on a daily basis was for me to seek deep the lead down principles of life, #When, #How and #Where to apply them cos PRIRINCIPLES are the right KEYS
      to hold on cos it opens all doors as we run the race. I would love to be part of this great NEWAFRICAWOMAN MAG so to show forth the giant in me that longs for so long to make a positive impact. My daily personal quote cos thus. “IF EACH ONE COULD REACH ONE, EACH ONE WOULD TEACH ONE AND WE MAKE THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE TO LIVE

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