10 simple ways to gift yourself a health boost

The pressure to be the best employee, mother and friend has left many women running on empty. Further pressures such as trying to find that soul-mate, trying to make a difficult relationship work, straightening out an errant child, dealing with the terminal illness of a loved one, losing a job or property – are all seriously trying issues that come down hard on any woman. Sadly they can lead to depression, mental breakdown and other stress-related illnesses. Judy Aminga Ndibo proposes these 10 simple ways to gifting yourself a health lift!

  1. Gift yourself the healthy boost of uninterrupted sleep. Switch off the phone, laptop, television and get under warm covers dressed in those comfy pyjamas and do that Saturday morning sleep in!
  1. Spend time with a friend whose upbeat nature and sense of humour makes you laugh and be yourself. Give yourself the health lift of enjoyment of easy friendship and laughter till your sides ache! Laughter is highly therapeutic!
  1. Spend some time with someone under three or someone over 75 years old – their unassuming acceptance, charm and easygoing nature will remind you of simpler days and make you happy!
  1. Gift yourself a health boost from dancing to the beat at a function without fearing what others may think. Even if you end up looking like you have just been released from a long prison sentence because of the outdated dance styles you have.
  1. Gift yourself daily quiet time of prayer,reading inspirational scriptures and other literature. Offer gratitude for the gift of life. Spare time every day for this exercise.
  1. Gift yourself a good old fashioned “African Haute Couture” treat by visiting one of those gifted African tailors to drape a luxuriant African fabric over your body! Let this outfit afford you the gift of appreciating yourself and the radiant beauty that defines an African woman!
  1. Gift yourself a healthy lift by communing with nature. Take a slow and pleasurable walk in an idyllic, scenic neighbourhood! Use this time to reflect on the wonders of nature and the free gifts of peace and serenity.
  1. Gift yourself the healthy lift of a nutritious diet rich in natural foods. Ditch the junk even once a week! This will increase your energy levels and leave you feeling vibrant!
  1. Take a vacation with a loved one to a beautiful quiet location and make the most of that time to reconnect, to laugh, to love and pray together. Give yourself a truly heartfelt and loving healthy lift!
  1. The gift of gifting. Random acts of kindness can give you, the giver, a wonderful lift! Look around your community and find someone who is depressed, going through a rough time or is less fortunate. Arrange to give them an uplifting gift based on their circumstances. It will come back to you and enrich your spiritual soul!
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