Get one step ahead with our foolproof guide to sensational hair and beauty for 2019. Report by Claire Muffett-Reece

Brows are bigger than ever for 2019 – in terms of style, that is, definitely not size. So, how do you keep them looking sophisticated and not slug-like? We asked international make-up artist and WOW Beauty creator Denise Rabor: “Perfectly defined brows help to frame your face and bring out your eyes, with or without additional make-up. When enhancing your brows it’s often best to work with the shape you were born with, as opposed to trying to change them completely, to ensure they look natural. Start by using a brow brush to direct your brows up, which will allow you to see more of their original shape and whether they are sparse or uneven. Next, powder the brow area with translucent face powder to remove excess oils. Using short, dash-like upward strokes to mimic your natural hairs, softly fill in any sparse areas with your product of choice. It’s important to use a colour that best matches your brows and fill in lightly, building more if needed. Depending on your hair shade you may even want to opt for an ash tone or dark brown, as jet black is often too harsh. Resist the urge to overly fill in the inside corners of the brows or make the end points too harsh, then brush through again to blend out the colour and soften harsh lines.”

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