5 Core Sculpting Moves

If you set out to train your abdominals and find yourself in a crunch, you are a bit behind the curve. The day of the basic abdominal floor crunch has come and gone, but fear not, Orjiugo Oguguo brings us back up to date with the latest core exercises – and how to get your curves in all the right places.

The average over-25 professional spends at least 40 hours a week sitting, and that weakens the core. This in turn, makes daily activities more difficult. If you keep a strong balanced core, you will help prevent back injuries and pain, boost your agility, increase your flexibility, and look pretty good, too. Target your abs, obliques, back, shoulders, and even your arms with these 4 waistline-cinching moves.

Double Leg Lift

sculpting moves2scultiping movesA: Start by lying on your back with legs extended and
lift off the floor slightly (the lower the legs, the harder
the exercise).

B: Lift your legs above your hips and reach your
fingers towards your toes by bracing your core and
lift shoulder blades off the floor.


Rotating V Sit

scultiping movesA: Lie on your back with a braced core, lower back
towards the floor, and arms extended over your head.

sculpting moves


B: Using your core muscles, lift back and legs into a ‘V’
and arms and legs to 45 degrees, and then rotate from
your waist bringing your chest and arms to the right.
Repeat on the left (left and right = 1 rep)





  • Keep abs braced and
    tight and your spine long
  • Quality over quantity,
    and safety first
  • Complete 16 reps of
    each exercise

Bicycle Crunch

sculpting moves4A: Switch sides and repeat with straight legs at 45 degrees; hands to temples and elbows wide; bend you right knee to 90 degrees and rotate your torso so that your left shoulder (not elbow) comes towards the bent knee.

B: Switch sides and repeat the exercise with left knee and right shoulder.
(left and right = 1 rep)

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Walking Hover

sculpting moves5

A: Lie on your belly, brace your abs and then press your forearms into floor (elbows under shoulder socket) and lift yourself in hover position.


sculpting moves6B: With a braced core and flat strong back, push down through your left forearm and place your right palm on the floor under shoulder socket.

C: Trying to keep your shoulder and hips square to the floor, press the right palm down and lift into plank position.

D: Leading with right arm, walk back into hover.
Repeat on left side (left and right = 2 reps)

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