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Most of us are busy ladies but despite our admirable multi-tasking skills, at times we just need to get hair and beauty fixed in a flash! Our Beauty Editor Claire Reece Muffet guides us through these clever tips and tricks from those in the know. Honestly, you will be asking us how you ever lived without them! Ladies: On your marks, set, get gorgeous…



ESPAThat’s rightMOROCCANOIL – we really DID just say you can achieve natural locks in under a minute. “Been caught out with hair that looks like you’ve been dragged through a hedge backwards?” says London-based hairdresser to the stars Errol Douglas. “Grab that trusty dryer and blast your style with your head tipped upside down, to open it up and add good volume. Next, spray a non-sticky hairspray onto your hands and smooth onto the hair, giving a good contrast with dimension and texture between the sides and the natural Afro on top.”
NAW loves… Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray

You’ve neglected your skin and as a result it’s gone grey and ashy, meaning panic sets in when your new boyfriend calls to whisk you out that very night! “We all know exfoliation removes surface dead skin cells and speeds up circulation, revealing fresh glowing skin,” says head beauty therapist Liesl van Kervel. “Grab a body sponge or loofah and exfoliate briskly while you wash with your shower gel to invigorate and remove dead skin cells in one easy step, then apply moisturiser to your body while still damp. You’ll look instantly better and in under a minute!”

NAW loves… Espa Body Smoothing Shower Gel



LEESTAFFORDYour girlfriends have arranged last-minute drinks after work – but there’s no time to go home and wash your flat and oily hair! “Dry shampoo is an instant hair fixer and one you should BROADWAYalways keep in your desk drawer for hair emergencies,” says Electric Hair’s Mark Woolley. “Perfect for soaking up excess oil and adding volume to locks in need of a wash, it will also infuse your hair with a lovely fragrance too. Spritz lightly a few inches from your head, then simply wait for the magic to happen, styling quickly in a ponytail or braid for a look none of your friends will ever know was achieved in minutes!”
NAW loves… Lee Stafford Original Dry Shampoo for Oily Roots

You want to pull out all the stops to impress your fella but spent far too long on your locks as it is. “Theres a speedy solution to ensure your whole look fits in with your fabulous hair and amazing outfit, says make-up artist Sarah Scott.False lashes are an instant way to draw attention to your peepers, plus it’ll mean they draw attention away from areas you dont have time to properly work on. You can do the same with that tired mani, too, popping on some stick-on nails and giving the impression you spent hours on yourself, when only you will know you didn’t!”
es… imPRESS byBroadway Nails


Caught in a downpour or hit by a blast of humidity at the worst time possible? Never fear a frizz-free mane really can be yours in less   time than you thought ever possible. Eradicate frizz by toniguy-tgst2998uk-professional-xl-wide-plate-straightenersadopting a new look in minutes,” says Afro stylist Tracey Devine Smith. “Lightly apply oil to your hair before dividing into four ponytails, using a large flat iron on each to create a loose wave. Gently pull through with your fingers and apply a little more oil or serum to preserve, banishinTHEBODYSHOPg frizz and giving you a head-turning look.”
NAW loves… TONI & GUY  Salon Collection XL Wide Plate Straighteners

An office crisis means you’ve worked an hour overtime – how can you revive your make-up in time for the Christmas party? “Hopefully you applied an oil-free primer before using foundation this morning to ensure your base lasted the day,” says international make-up artist Chase Aston. “Apply the same primer over existing make-up to instantly revive your look, then concentrate on your eyes, dipping an eye shadow brush in a little water and sweeping over your day shadow to refresh the hues in a flash. Finish with a smudge of lip and cheek stain and you’ll be ready in no time!”
NAW loves… The Body Shop Shimmer Cubes

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Terrific hair really can be achieved at home in just under a quarter of an hour! “There are many ways you can make your hair date-ready without anyone suspecting you did it in a rush,” explains ClipsCHILLo’s Darren Fowler. “Headbands are hot news right now and look great with hair worn either up or loose, or you can jazz up a plain ponytail by leaving a small section of your hair loose and wrapping it around the base and securing with a grip. Alternatively, why not invest in a good quality shine spray, adding lustre to your hair while taming and controlling frizz? It’s the ideal product to add a little glam into your hair.”
NAW loves… Chill* Gloss Enhancing Spray

Don’t cover up those sexy pins in skinny jeans just because you’ve let your hair removal regime slide.
“It can be all-too tempting to grab a razor when you’re in a hurry,” says Bronzed & Beautiful therapist Katie Green. “But using a razor simply removes the hair you can see, as opposed to waxing which pulls it out at the roots, meaning you’ll be left with stubbly legs again in a couple of days. Visit your beauty salon for a professional wax instead, which will leave your legs smooth from three to six weeks.”
NAW loves… Nair Argan Oil Washable Roll-On Wax


Thought reaching for the irons was the only way to get great-looking hair in a hurry? “A great blow dry on Afro locks can easily be achieved as long as you start with the right tools in the first place,”FUDGE says session stylist Lisa Farrall. “Apply a volumising lotion beforehand then blow-dry with your head upside down until around 80% dry. Take your hair and divide into sections, drying with a nozzle and using a radial brush for further volume and staying power. Finish with hairspray to fix in place and brush your hair back at the ears without tucking it in for some instant Dallas glamour!”
NAW loves… Fudge Big Hair Bodifying Style WhipDERMALOGICA

“A good skin treat can be achieved in minutes but still gives optimum results,” says the International Dermal Institute’s Candice Gardner. “Cleanse thoroughly for at least a minute, before cleansing again to lift dirt and grime. It’s now time to exfoliate, choosing a product that’s grain-free and contains smoothing hydroxy acids, to brighten the complexion and remove flaky patches. Apply a masque to either boost hydration or refine oily, breakout-prone skin, then replenish skin with your chosen serum. Always follow with a moisturiser unless otherwise directed.”
NAW loves… Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant

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