Omawumi’s ‘Hello’ Cover and Sean Tizzle Send Najia Twitter into a Frenzy

When a few days ago Nigerian Afro soul singer Omawumi treated fans to her own version of Adele’s hit “Hello”, with a helping hand from E-Kelly and a touch of Nigerian reggae beat, we bet she wasn’t expecting to have an unlikely fan be the butt of Twitter backlash over her cover. The single was well received by Nigerian music fans. So far, nothing out of the ordinary. Until Sean Tizzle took to Twitter, that is, not only to commend Omawumi but to go one step further and call Adele’s version (the original, in case you weren’t too sure!) “weak”. And that’s when the Nigerian Twitter hit back.


Angered by Sean Tizle’s lofty claim, Nigerians took to Twitter to dish out his fair share of trolling.


While most were keen to tweet their amazement at Sean Tizzle’s sentiments, a few level-headed fans showed sympathy:

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Currently, both Omawumi and Sean Tizzle are trending on Naija Twitter, as for those who are still in the dark about Omawumi’s brilliant Adele cover, check it out now.


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