5 tips to crush hunger, still eat and lean out



No-frills meals may make you feel more tortured and righteous as a result, but their spicy counterparts can keep you going for longer.

Our wellbeing expert Orjiugo Oguguo owner of  Live In Wellness shows us how.


red 1Spice up your life

Use the real stuff like scotch bonnets and habanero, if you can take the heat. Add all kinds of flavourful aromatic herbs and spices to your dishes. No-frills meals may make you feel more tortured and righteous as a result, but their spicy counterparts can keep you going for longer. Variety and flavour will make your meals more gratifying and according to a John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health study, they also send more powerful satiety messages to your brain. Add that to the fact that hot peppers speed up your metabolism and just about every natural spice and herb you can think of has some body-composition benefits and it’s a win win win!. That said, stay away from the MSG loaded stuff.

redDaily dose of the D

Low vitamin D levels have been linked to obesity. If you are vitamin D deficient―as many Black women are―your leptin hormone will be out of whack. Leptin’s job is to tell you that you’ve had enough food. Add D sources like egg yolk, beef livers, salmon and tuna to your plate to up your D levels and stabilise your leptin. You may also consider supplementing with 1000 IUs of D3 from a trusted natural foods brand.

red 3Be fat smart

Fat slows down your rate of digestion, so it stands to reason that you should eat them, when trying to manage your appetite. There are good fats (think animal fat and nuts) and bad fats (think margarine and vegetable oil), but even with that, studies have shown that not all ‘good’ fats are created equal. In fact when it comes to satiety, unsaturated fats like avocados, nuts, and coconuts are better than saturated fats like animal products.

red 4Don’t fake it

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One of the things I have noticed is that many people with paralysing cravings have so much fake sugar. Tricking (or trying to trick, more like) your brain has a boomerang effect. Sorry! Your body knows it didn’t get the sugar rush it was looking for. If you are trying to halt your cravings for sweets by guzzling a dozen diet cokes or nasty zero-sugar snacks, you would be better off having some sweet potatoes with your meal, a piece of fruit or even A cookie. I read a study from Louisiana State University that showed that people who had real treats in moderation (with actual sugar – shock horror!) were slimmer that those who had fake sugar treats.

red 5Chai up 

Or should I say fibre up? Add chai seeds to salads, soups, smoothies or even keep some homemade chai pudding in your fridge. They soak up liquids, and will leave you feeling fuller for much longer. 100 calories of chai pudding will last much longer, in terms of hunger, than 100 calories of chips or chocolate. A calorie is not a calorie. They are not created equal. Steel cut oats, flaxseed also expand when they make contact with water. Other fibres to load up on include vegetables and fruits. Increased veggie consumption leads to fat loss and keeps your gut healthy. Win win win!

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