Self-confidence campaign to promote natural hair on London billboards

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Project Embrace, a lifestyle brand promoting unconditional self-love, is bringing images of black women and girls with natural afro hair to billboards all over London.

Four  natural Afro textured hair women will be selected to take part in a photo-shoot with young girls in an exercise to challenge the narrow perception of what beautiful hair means. The aim is to make Afro hair more visible by bringing it into a the very public sphere of outdoor advertising. This is not the kind of images you will regularly see on billboards in London – Project Embrace hopes this will start the conversation about the discrimination some women face due the texture of their hair.

Lekia Lée, the founder of Project Embrace, says “At Project Embrace we believe that representation matters. But when that representation is one-sided, it can be very dangerous to the self-worth of the least represented. Because of the one-sided representation of beautiful hair, girls with Afro textured hair have long been the subject of mockery and bullying, even by those of the same ethnicity.

An open audition will take place for the selection the women that will carry out this mission to tackle the narrow perception of beauty and acceptability and encourage diversity in all sections of society, including education, entertainment, media as well as the workplace.

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These women will be the positive role models for young black girls that the media hardly ever portray. Their goal is to help the girls redefine the way they perceive beauty and the way they see themselves. Promoting self-confidence is everything in this project.  The judges of the auditions include women (and a man) who are passionate about promoting the idea of diversity in beauty and encourage every girl to develop a positive self-image.


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  • Hi .. I love the intiative you promoting , it’s truly an inspiration to all Africans as a whole not jst woman . We need to start valuing our hair that goes against gravity , we were built with reseliance within us nd it’s seen our strong personality , our beautiful skin and most importantly our hair . I love my hair’s texture because to me it presents me and da love i have for myself , it difines me ….. I truly hope this doesn’t just end in London , but grows to all over the world , for the little one who looks at his/her hair and hates it, to that old lady who grew up being told dat she is ugly because of her hair texture , nd the generation inbtwn who don’t knw whether to listen to their inner voice o the word of society, media or social networks. My hair is my crown , my african crown.

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