Angélique Kidjo and Nadja Giramata cover New African Woman Magazine June/July Edition

Angélique Kidjo and Nadja Giramata mince no words in New African Woman Magazine.Out Now! Here is A Peek. 

Angélique Kidjo and Nadja Giramata cover New African Woman Magazine June/July Edition. We are excited to reveal the issue which is packed with content which we believe will speak to everyone’s very core. Angélique covers our International Edition, while Nadja graces our UK and South African editions.


NAW37 Int  NAW37 UK


NAW37_Angelique Kidjo1Angélique Kidjo is not only one of Africa’s most celebrated singer-songwriters, she is also one of the few audacious and daring celebrities vocal against any form of injustice and human rights violations. It is of little surprise therefore that Amnesty International recently honoured her with its highest accolade – the Ambassador of Conscience Award – for her human rights advocacy. She opens up about the Award and many other issues affecting Africa, the status of women, exclusively to the New African Woman.

“For me, silence is a killer and a lot of violence towards women continues because they are silent about it,” she tell the pan-African magazine.She adds: “…the damage has been done to our brains when we train our boys to think that they are more important than girls… The day women [in the homes] decide that the boy is not going to have a different status under the same roof as their sisters, we are going to win the gender war… we need to lobby African governments to be specific on the status of the girl, that from the day that child is born, that child is a human being and has the same rights as any boy.”

Vehemently passionate about the status of a girl child, the respected singer while touching on the still missing Nigerian Chibok girls, stressed further: “ When a girl is born, her father has the right to marry that girl away. Who gave the father the right to do that? A child is not a possession. She is a human being. That’s the start of the discussion we need to have with our leaders and with civil society.

The legendary and popular singer also touches on the issue of feminism in Africa, which is an increasing hot topic in the current narrative on the continent.

NAW37_Angelique Kidjo2

 With multiple awards including 3 covetted Grammys for her music, the singer and mother of one attracts authority in the music industry, but as in the interview with the New African Woman, she and decries the heightened sexualisation of girls in the industry.

A lot of feminism around is too aggressive for me and we cannot find solutions to women’s issues if men are not part of the solution.

Nadja Giramata

NAW37_Nadja Giramata (1) The Edition also has the rising Rwanda model Nadja Giramata who Covers its UK edition in which discusses fleeing and surviving her country’s genocide, and touches on the raging issue of lack of diversity in her industry.

I never really talk much about that [Rwanda’s 1994 genocide] but it was to the point that half of my family was slaughtered during the genocide… We went from a big family to a small number of members, from normal to orphans,” she says of the experience

On lack of diversity in her industry, the Rwandan beauty who is featured in the magazine wearing collections from Cameroonian designer Kibonen Nfi proffers:

“I am very aware of diversity issues in the industry… but I am not sure about the way the problem has been addressed. In my opinion, diversity is such a complex matter that it needs more than an interview or more than an Instagram post.

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This Edition also features 30 under 30 young Africans making a mark in their industries whom we have has termed trailblazing “Goal Diggers” achieving great feats  in their diverse fields.  Get a copy or subscribe digitally to find out who made the list.

NAW37_30Millenials Goal Diggers

The magazine also touches on the issue of Marriage and Subservience, touching on lessons its readers can learn from the highly public breakdown of Nigerian pop starlet Tiwa Savage’s marriage to her manager and the reasons she gave for her failed union in this sensational interview.



This issue is now out digitally and the print edition is heading to a Newsstand near you . Check it out!
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