New African Woman Magazine Women of The Year: To be revealed soon!

Who made the list? #NAWOY2016


Our December/January Edition will soon be out and reveals this year’s New African Woman Magazine Women of the Year.

Following our maiden New African Women of the Year 2015 listing and the New African Woman Awards and Forum that followed, your responses have been heartening and many of you spent the last 10 months sending in suggestions of whom you believe should make the 2016 WoY collation. It is so gratifying how comprehensive and wide-ranging this year’s New African Women of the Year roll call is, thank you to you our readers. We said “We Need New Names” and we have refreshing faces this year! Thank you.

Indeed, these are groundbreaking women, Africa and the world cannot ignore. Some are well known, some are quite unsung sheroes, some even controversial. Some are defiantly creating precedents against unimaginable odds. Many

have overcome extraordinary hurdles to transform their communities, or create business empires through sheer courage determination and remarkable strength, in a continent that still remains routinely patriarchal and that so-called glass ceiling is largely and stubbornly still hard to shatter. But still they rise. The compilation, which does not negate nor ignore the accomplishments of other notable women who may not have made the final list. The final compilation is also not a ranking, but presented in a random order.

The New African Woman Forum and Awards will take place in Dakar – Senegal in April 2017.


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