Elisabeth N’Cho: “Vlisco is more than just fashion, its a celebration”

Fashion is both business and pleasure for boutique owner and trader Elisabeth N’Cho.  Find out what makes her one of the most passionate advocates for Vlisco fabrics.


Elisabeth N’Cho (Ivory Coast) Boutique owner, trader

Mrs NCho has dressed countless families for special celebrations over the years. Even today, it brings her great joy to see families bond together in her Vlisco designs.

Mrs Elisabeth NCho first began selling fabrics in 1978.  Today, she is one of the top three Vlisco traders in the Ivory Coast. Her shop on the Adjamé market is a bustling hub in the centre of Abidjan.

She recalls always having strong ambitions to succeed in the fashion industry. I stopped my studies early so I could start my business at a young age. I have built my business from scratch. Every day I feel proud when I enter my shop.

Mrs NChos love for Vlisco fabrics is undeniable. To date, she owns over one thousand Vlisco dresses. For years she has regularly collaborated with designers to create new dazzling looks. Every outfit is carefully planned to inspire the market crowd and her customers.

Vlisco is more than just fashion to Mrs NCho. I like the heritage of the Vlisco fabrics; the traditional way of using it. For example when there is an important celebration, I like to choose the fabric for the family and design their outfits.”  

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All her hard work pays off when she sees the renewed sense of unity between people wearing their Vlisco outfits together. When I see all my family members wearing my creations in the same fabric, it fills my heart with joy. For me, thats celebration!



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