Esther Aziablé: Keeping Togo’s Nana Benz tradition alive

Mrs Esther Aziable is a trader within the Nana Benz, a group of esteemed women traders in Togo. They are renowned for achieving economic independence since the 1960’s by trading Vlisco fabrics, and are still an example to others today.

Esther Aziablé (Togo) Owner of Manatex store, 4th generation of Nana Benz

Mrs Aziablé is a proud part of the  famous Nana Benz legacy. This group of women is known for entrepreneurial success, but for Mrs Aziablé it is more valuable than status alone.

This era marks the emergence of our women,says Mrs Aziable. I am really proud to be part of the history and future of the Nana Benz legacy in Togo.


Mrs Aziable was introduced to Vlisco by her grandmother, who was her role model. She instilled in Mrs Aziable the values of thoroughness, honesty and uprightness. Like her grandmother, Mrs Aziable wants to encourage younger generations to continue this longstanding tradition. I am proud to work with Vlisco because the brand gives Togolese women a respectful status in the society.

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Even so, Mrs Aziable is not one to sit back and rest on her position or accomplishments. She still enjoys every chance to apply her skills and values. Vlisco enables me to show my abilities to manage a complex and constantly evolving market. I am grateful to be able to continue my grandmothers achievements.


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