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We live in truly interesting times, and 2017 is off to such a shocking start. Honestly, how will it ever sink in that the world’s major superpower – America – has ushered in the world’s most high-profile bigoted, misogynistic chauvinist as its leader? How is this ever going to be fathomable? Not in my lifetime, and certainly not in any woman (or man) of salt’s name – the solidarity women’s marches that engulfed the world on 21 January said it all.

On the eve of his embarrassing inauguration (I can’t even bear to call him by his name – my mouth feels dirty saying or even thinking of it), I had just returned from what I always describe as my “spiritual home”, Ghana which only a week before had seen a smooth transition of power. I am so fired up hence I am steadfastly unfazed by the rancid events coming out of America.

Calm and serene, the Ghanaian capital Accra was so inviting as I got on with my working visit – culminating in two pieces of very empowering content for New African Woman readers. The Cover interview with the gorgeous Anita Erskine reveals someone I feel is a shooting star, full of zeal, vim and empowering wisdom. A must read. Anita, who is about 25 years younger than me, totally grabbed my attention when I asked her about her political ambitions as a rising household name in Ghana. She answered passionately and unscripted:

“It is the politics of life that excite me. Politics that fight for girls’ education. The politics that remove any hindrances that hold women back from rising to the highest positions on the corporate ladder… The politics that give people hope to achieve by making it possible for them to execute their passions. The politics that inspire the next generation by helping them develop their talents as a gateway to becoming great leaders of tomorrow. That is the kind of politics that exhilarates me.”

Two days after this interview I was an invited press guest at yet another event that spoke to mine and the New African Woman core values – the CePAT Honours Celebrating African Female Luminaries in Global Health. The Centre for Pharmaceutical Advancement and Training (CePAT) in Ghana was launched two year ago to support, empower and celebrate African women scientists, including those in pharmaceutical manufacturing, to help Africa regulate and curb illicit counterfeit and low-quality medicines that have claimed millions oflives. And on this day I got to interview the recipients of these awards, who included one of my sheroes – Dr Ameenah Gurib-Fakim, the president of Mauritius, who happens to be one of Africa’s leading scientists. Look out for this article on our website, and to find out more about this amazing initiative, the women and young girls it supports and what President Gurib-Fakim had to say about the state of medicine and health in Africa.

This edition also carries stories of women in fields that we don’t normally read about – we have an environmentalist whose work has for a while now, helped vulnerable Somali women, an Ethiopian conservationist who implores us to value, and go back to nature and one of Africa’s leading “queen” in the still fledgling African insurance industry . Our regular fashion, hair and beauty pages are teeming with what we know you love NAW for – guiding, rather than imposing beauty or fashion trends on you. But may I also draw your attention to our terse yet to the point article highlighting the dangers in that beauty bottle – that you may not know about. Beware!

With March almost upon us, Happy Women’s Month!  The future of Africa is us – and what we do today!

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