6 Habits of Super Healthy People

When there are extra kilos lurking, it can be really tempting to take drastic action. Thoughts of cabbage soup diets and juice cleanses may start to fill your head. While following some of these drastic approaches may help you shift the pounds, they are usually not sustainable and you would be better off sticking to some basic habits for lasting results. A study by the Cornell University Food and Brand Laboratory showed that, overall, people with a healthy weight focus on their hunger cues rather than restricting themselves to particular painful calorie intakes or lone food groups. Tuck into these 6 habits – and be healthy!

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1. Don’t Ditch Breakfast

According to the study, 96% of the healthiest people about have breakfast every day. Eggs and vegetables are staples of their breakfast meals. Green smoothie and an omelette or sunny side up? Sign me up.


[nextpage title=”2. Move Your Behind” ] 2. Move Your Behind

This one is pretty obvious, but somehow many of us fail to schedule time to get active. I hear excuses like time constraints, weather, preference, blah blah… Enough already! Exercise is the standard for the healthy adults that were studied. Over 40% reported exercising at least five times a week. No one is asking you to do that for scheduled workouts. Three times a week plus leisurely activities like taking long relaxing walks, playing with children, even doing housework, is plenty.


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3. Keep Track

You know I’m not obsessed with scales. I have them in my bathroom, but I pay them no attention. If it works for you, however, go for it. According to the survey, it is a fixture in the lives of those who manage to maintain a healthy weight and slim physique, with about 50% reporting that they weigh themselves once a week. I’m partial to tape measures myself.


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4. Don’t-do diets

Forget about dieting regimes such as Atkins, Zone, cabbage soup and the like. Focus instead on a rounded approach to eating that is full of nutritious muscle-favouring foods and respond to your hunger cues. Almost 75% of the study participants said they had never followed a diet trend. But this doesn’t mean they eat doughnuts and cakes all day; almost all the participants said they paid close attention to the foods they ate.

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5. Cook

Carrie Bradshaw of SATC once joked that she used her oven for storage. Don’t be like Carrie Bradshaw. Those who stay fit and healthy tend to cook at home a fair amount. Veggies and lean protein with fats form their meals, particularly at dinner time. Don’t be in a hurry to go vegetarian either; only 7% of the study were.


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6. Sleep

Fat burning prime-time is bed time. You heard me – bed time is when it’s on and popping in the fat burning world. The quality of your sleep determines how productive, mentally sharp, emotionally balanced, and full of energy you are during your waking hours. It also affects your metabolism and regulates cortisol. Almost all the participants in the study said they prioritised sleep and relaxation.


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