Direct Facts about Fat, you should never ignore!

Women all around the world are obsessed with body fat, body weight, food and sizing down. There are so many misconceptions around body fat and the rising number on the bathroom scales including slow or damaged metabolism, large-meal consumption, high carb intake and so on. But did you know these facts?

By Orjiugo Oguogo

Gut Microbes Can Make You Fat

Our gastrointestinal tracts contain more than 100 trillion microbes. When these microbes are on the blink, obesity, immune system breakdown, inflammation, bad breath and even cancers and autism can occur. Obese women (and men) have been found to have different gut microbe make-ups from lean women. Bacteria laden foods also known as probiotics may soon explode as ‘the new Kale’, because they stabilize the microbe population in the gut.

Rest is Critical to Fat Loss

From studies showing that jet lag and sleep deprivation promote fat storage to research proving that melatonin, the sleep hormone, helps cut body fat, it is fair to say that burning the candle at both ends will thwart your fat loss goals. Lack of rest disrupts energy balance, which in turn disrupts your hormones including testosterone, leptin, cortisol etc. It is known to increase ghrelin, the hunger hormone, and see to it that you overeat and potentially become obese. Diabetes, memory loss and high blood pressure are also linked to inadequate sleep. Sleep guys!

Dairy Foods Promote Fat Loss

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Several large population studies have found that dairy food (not calcium supplementation) consumption is linked to lower body fat. Obviously, the processed dairy peddling industry jumped on these findings to promote their products. A study comparing 2 groups consuming dairy vs. calcium supplementation found that dairy foods lead to fat loss, but not weight loss. This means it was not water or muscle loss. Win! All dairy is not created equal. Stay away from dairy that is not from grass-fed cows, low-fat, fat-free, not organic…you get my drift. Stay away from processed dairy and if you tolerate it well, you will have a filling, anti-inflammatory, fat-burning probiotic food.

Five Reasons Body Fat Goes Up

A study out of Pennington Biomedical Research Center has identified 5 factors that are linked to fat storage and weight gain.

  1. Low muscle mass, which ultimately lowers your metabolic rate

  2. Poor fitness, which impacts your metabolism and ability to expend calories through physical activity

  3. Low testosterone – (no, it is not just for men) low levels are linked to a low capacity to build muscle

  4. Leptin insensitivity – Leptin is a hormone that helps control appetite and satiety

  5. Inability to burn dietary fat as fuel, which results in fat storage

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