June Sarpong: The TV maven’s call to arms on diversity and the lack of it

June Sarpong is one of the most recognisable faces of British television. And now, from the presenter and co-founder of the Women: Inspiration and Enterprise Network, comes an empowering call to arms – through a newly released  book  –DiversifySix Degrees Of Intergration which argues the case for how limited we are by social division while inspiring us to make a change. This book makes for  a sobering read and will give some food-for-thought this festive time.


In DiversifySix Degrees Of Intergration – out now, June Sarpong puts the spotlight on six marginalised groups – including disenfranchised males, women, those living with disabilities and the LGBT community – with a primary focus on the UK and US, and reveals how a lack of inclusivity limits our economy, our society, and us as individuals.

“We need to diversify and we need to do it now. This is an issue I’ve felt passionate about for a long time; it informs my work, my relationships and my everyday life… I’ve long suspected that there is a hidden financial cost to our lack of diversity. The research that I have undertaken for this book has confirmed that,” says June who in 2007, was conferred an MBE for her services to broadcasting and charity.

Presenting six simple revolutionary steps to overcoming prejudice, Diversify also includes an ISM calculator and tips to promote shifts in behaviour patterns that create more diverse and integrated social circles.

Drawing on her own unique experiences, case studies and with hard statistics from leading academic institutions and organizations, including Oxford University and Rice University TX, June demonstrates how change to approach, can reach maximum potential.

A combination of new and existing research, statistics include:

  • 50%: percentage of Muslim households in poverty in the UK, compared to the national average of 18%.
  • 50%: percentage the US prison population would reduce by if African American and Hispanics were incarcerated at the same rates of whites.
  • 64%: the proportion of people in the UK paid below the National Living Wage in 2016 who were women.
  • 0%: the number of BAME female CEO’s of FTSE 100 companies in the UK and Fortune 500 companies in the US.
  • 2.5%: The percentage of kids from poor households in the UK (measured by Free school meals status) who made it to a Russell Group University.
  • 21%: the percentage of smart poor kids in the US who complete college, compared to 41% of mediocre rich kids.
  • 67%: the proportion of people with mental health problems who were receiving benefits but said they either wanted to work or were looking for work.
  • 27%: the proportion of working-age people with disabilities in the US who were employed in 2015 compared to the proportion of people without disabilities who were employed 72%.
  • 1 in 10: the proportion of gay and bisexual men aged 16-19 who had attempted to take their own life the past year in the UK.
  • 33%: the proportion of people in the US who stated that society should not accept homosexuality.

“In this engaging and informative book, June Sarpong examines the research behind diversity and discrimination while grounding them in personal narratives, highlighting our common humanity, ” Koffi Anan, the former UN Secretary General, says about the book.

June has also partnered with Professor John Hills and Professor Lucinda Platt at the London School Economics who have calculated the actual cost of discrimination – this shocking figure will be officially revealed on publication.

A media phenomenon, she has interviewed hundreds of people, from politicians to celebrities and members of the public. In addition to twenty years of television work, June has hosted a wealth of events, including Make Poverty History in London’s Trafalgar Square and Nelson Mandela’s 90th Birthday celebrations alongside Will Smith in London’s Hyde Park. June has worked extensively with HRH Prince Charles for ten years as an ambassador for his charity the Prince’s Trust. She is a board member of Stronger IN, the official campaign to keep Britain in the EU, and is now a board member of the pro EU think tank Open Britain. She is co-host of The Pledge, Sky News’ flagship weekly political discussion show.



By June Sarpong MBE
Published by HQ, October 2017
Hardback £18.99 / eBook £7.99 / Audio Download £12.99


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