Women in Architecture: The enthralling works of Olajumoke Adenowo’s AD Consulting

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As one Africa’s leading architects, Nigeria’s Olajumoke Adenowo, who has  been described  as  “Starchitect “, was a compelling and befitting choice for our first Cover interview in our series of African women trailblazing in mostly male-dominated fields. Her interview was deeply inspirational and motivating – you can read it here – but due to space limitations, the print edition did not carry examples of her enthralling architectural designs. By popular demand, we are delighted to share this snippet, courtesy of Olajumoke Adenowo’s AD Consulting. So many reasons why every parent should be encouraged to encourage  their daughters that they can become architects  – because a career in architecture, is not a man’s world. Olajumoke Adenowo has broken the mould and shattered that perception.

AD Consulting’s track record includes nine banks including prototypes in Victoria Island, Lagos mainland, Kaduna, Port Harcourt and other parts of Nigeria. Healthcare facilities in the South – South, Industrial buildings in Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt and other parts of Nigeria ranging from pharmaceutical to the oil service sector, residential developments and interior renovations.

She tell New African Woman in our exclusive interview which you can read  in full here:

“Although I have designed and executed over 70 buildings, I would like to, in the near future, design an iconic building that becomes the symbol of Nigeria, the same way the Eiffel Tower is the symbol of Paris/France. I also want to be the vanguard that champions architecture on the African continent, led by African architects, as well as bring global attention that will afford Africa the platform to contribute value to the field of architecture internationally. Honestly, 16 percent of the world or 1.2 billion people can’t be voiceless on an important discourse like architecture neither can they allow others to define them.”

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